Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Final Quiz

Here is the final quiz everyone. I hope you do well. Can you find the mistake in the quiz? Let's see how you do. I look forward to seeing your final marks and reviewing your comments. Don't forget to fill out your form for the field trip. If you are not coming on the field trip, I hope you have a wonderful summer.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Blonde, I think you made a mistake on your quiz. You asked what Mcmaster's political affiliations were. The answer you gave was Tory, but Ford clearly states that Macmaster is a Whig and that Tietjans is a Tory.


Anonymous said...

I found your little quiz to be completely unfair and unappreciative of my intellect.


Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear all:

I love your quiz idea. I had a Japanese friend of mine take it while I watched (she has a MA in English from her home Univ. & loves FMF.)

My respects & admiration (I would have got it all right except for the TV show one -- I don't watch TV any more :--) -- oh, and also another wrong answer came because I did not know that McMaster wore a wig. I should have remembered from Dr. Maud's film production....